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Tongan Choice Kava review by Kila Kila

Preparation Details:
2 tbsps root to 8oz room temp water.

Ordered this kava on the basis of @Kavasseur's glowing video review. I need kava that is nicely balanced but hits the anxiety without too much headiness or sedation. Strangely nene keeps me awake all night, moi has me climbing the walls and as good as makahea is, it doesn't do a lot anxiety-wise. I've found a few I do like, Kavafied's Eu'a being my current favorite (my favorites change and that's okay with me, although not with my budget). However, this tongan choice medium grind also hits the anxiety spot and leaves me feeling safe, grounded and at ease (good job I have some, my Eu'a is gone and its out of stock). I mean, I had plans to clean the BBQ in preparation for Saturday evening grilling, tidy the backyard and maybe do some gardening. After one shell of Tongan Choice, I got as far as giving the BBQ a quick once-over and wash down and decided that what the heck, the heat will burn off the germs and general ickiness of a BBQ left idle for the winter season.
Anyway, back to the review, before I had my second shell, I prepped some spare ribs and decided against the BBQ for the meat and threw them in the slow-cooker. Now THAT makes a whole lot of sense - Drink kava and let the slow-cooker do the work.
This is a delicious kava. Generally speaking I LOVE the taste of kava. There are only a few that I find bitter or just bad-tasting, but this kava has great taste - ideal for budding kavasseurs. No bitterness from the coffee and cream colored kava. Nice tongue and mouth numbing, but nothing too powerful. Very clean, and very fresh taste. The first shell left me feeling a little mellow, I could continue with work, I safely did some meat and veggie chopping without injuring myself. I was feeling good.
Second shell about 30 minutes later and that was when the "what the heck" attitude hit me. My anxiety crept away, my muscles let go of the tension they've been holding on to for way too long and my legs decided that gardening could wait until next week. Found myself some nice coffeehouse music on Spotify, got the kindle out and camped out on the patio sofa.
Third shell and the kindle was switched off, Spotify turned up, and eyes decided it was just too much effort to stay open. I felt peaceful, life was good and thoughts of the b….ch that will soon be my ex-daughter-in-law faded away - I mean who cares if we have to give her a ton of money to go away? As long as I have kava, I'll survive. I felt kind of dizzy but it wasn't a bad dizziness - like I was in sync with the rotation of the earth and I wasn't going anywhere but where the earth went.
Two hours or so later, and I'm still feeling mellow, peaceful, would love to be relaxing on a hammock somewhere in Tonga, or Hawaii, or anywhere where there's sand, the ocean, and kava. I know this feeling will likely end when tense, unable-to-relax husband comes home and starts getting angsty over, well, everything. But I'm hoping this peace will hang around a little longer - maybe until bed-time if I'm lucky.
All in all a great Kava from a fairly new vendor. I just saw Paulie-Paul is releasing a new kava. Depending on its effects, I may be trying that one too.

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