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The Kava Roots wins best Kava at the Kavasseur 2016 Awards

We are Honoured to win both Best Artisanal Vendor and also best Kava for our Vanuatu select. Here's the review.

When I drank my first shell of "Vanuatu Select" it transported me back to my first brush with Kava as a stressed out college student in 2000. It reminded me of that initial feeling of first finding something that washed my nerves clean from any anxiety or discomfort. "Vanuatu Select" is hands down my favourite Kava of 2016 - a strong peppery Vanuatu Kava that has the perfect balance of heady and heavy strength and burns clean in your relaxation engine. The organic flavour and household level care of this Kava can be tasted in every brilliant shell and it puts you firmly where you want to beon any day of the week. Three bulas to TheKavaRoots!

The Kavasseur


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