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Tongan Choice Kava review by Kila Kila

Preparation Details:2 tbsps root to 8oz room temp water. Ordered this kava on the basis of @Kavasseur's glowing video review. I need kava that is nicely balanced but hits the anxiety without too much headiness or sedation. Strangely nene keeps me awake all night, moi has me climbing the walls and as good as makahea is, it doesn't do a lot anxiety-wise. I've found a few I do like, Kavafied's Eu'a being my current favorite (my favorites change and that's okay with me, although not with my budget). However, this tongan choice medium grind also hits the anxiety spot and leaves me feeling safe, grounded and at ease (good job I have some, my Eu'a is gone and its out...

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Tonga Kava History

The legend of Kava Tonga has come to life. In a harrowing story of love, loyalty and sacrifice, this short film gives you an insight into the importance of Kava to the Tongan culture.Shot in Tonga in with all local actors The Legend of Kava Tonga was made as part of a project Digital Fananga by Malosi pictures 2015. Pictures Limited

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The Kava Roots Opens!

Bula! Welcome to The Kava Roots. This website was created with one idea in mind. My aim is simply to create a quality one stop shop for only the best Noble Kava on the internet. My name is Paul Goodwin (Paulie Paul) I have been consuming Kava for over 15 years and over this time I have learned a thing or two about what makes a great Noble Kava. I am on a mission to share with the world the wonderful attributes of this amazing root from the South Pacific. I source my Kava from only the best most reliable sources from contacts around the region. I have personally consumed their Kava for years and can speak for the quality sold...

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