New to Kava?

New to Kava?

Congratulations on discovering Kava and deciding to give this wonderful root a try? Kava has some amazing benefits during these stressful times we live in.  As an all-natural product it has the benefit of making you feel calm yet also focused, it can help with nervousness and anxiety and can even help with insomnia. . The Pacific Islanders of course knew this and have been carefully growing and harvesting Kava for centuries.  Kava is used in many sacred ceremonies and became an indelible part of Pacific Island culture. At The Kava Roots we want you to have a rewarding first experience and have gathered the following points to help you out.

It can be difficult to know which Kava variety is best for you so to help you choose here is a basic breakdown of each Kava and general effects to be expected.

Our Kava Varieties

We sell three well balanced varieties depending on the effect you are looking for:

Daytime Kava’s 

Night Time Kava’s

Kava that contain the qualities of both.

In general our Tongan Kava such as Tongan Family Reserve and Tonga Choice is best for Daytime or for a social evening gathering.Having said this Tongan Family reserve is our strongest Kava in terms of Kavalactones, but we will talk about that later.

Kava from Vanuatu are generally Nighttime Kava’s and are best for relaxation and a night in. They have a different taste to Tongan Kava. our Noble Warrior (Vanuatu Select) is strong and heavy rather than light and heady.

Many people like a more balanced Kava that has both heady and Heavy qualities in which case we suggest Paulie’s Blend, its a wonderful combination of Fijian, Samoan and Vanuatu Kava that gets the balance just right.

Forms of Kava

At the we focus on the pure simplicity of Kava, Our Kava’s are Medium and fine grind pure Kava root, harvested and dried in the tropical sun. There are of course other forms such as Micronized Instant and Instant , concentrates, pills and teas but it's important to research these forms, check reviews and do your own research before trying one that is not in its pure form.

What to expect when you drink Kava

The first thing you will notice is the taste! Kava is not a fine wine to be savoured and sipped. For some it is an acquired taste, some describe Kava as tasting like Dirt or roots, yes its earthy and best chugged quickly. A good lighter tasting Kava would be Tongan Family Reserve or Tongan Choice.

My mouth feels like I have been to the Dentist! Don’t worry it's completely normal to get a numbness or tingling on your lips, tongue and throat when you drink Kava. It shouldn't last for more than a couple of minutes. 

How Long are the effects and how quickly do they take effect

Everyones body chemistry is different, take your time, wait fifteen minutes between cups and see how you feel. Kava has an effect called reverse tolerance which basically means you may need a little more if you are a new Kava drinker rather than an experienced Kava drinker who will require  less. As for how long the effects last, you can expect the uplifting effects can be felt for anywhere between 1-3 hours while the anxiety relieving and relaxing effects can last longer. 

Remember the quality of your Kava is important, do your research, read reviews and realize that price is not everything, quality Kava like fine wine can sometimes cost a little more but knowing that your Kava is Noble and from a reputable vendor will reward you with a great Kava experience.