About Us

Many years ago in the Pacific Islands I was offered my first bowl of Kava. I remember not being very impressed. My mouth went numb and it didn't taste like anything I had experienced before. I didn't think much else of it but within 15 minutes a beautiful feeling of calm and full body wellness took me over. It was subtle, positive and quite euphoric. I was hooked.

I spent the next several years learning as much as I could about this magical brew, its history, its benefits and what made a quality Kava. I spent many happy years trying different variations.

Then in Tonga I met a man that would become my partner in this journey. Together we grow and supply one of the highest reviewed Kava's in the world. It all started with the Tonga Family Reserve which continues to make many loyal customers happy and has expanded and changed  over time. I have extremely high standards for the Kava I drink and pass on my knowledge and research to you.

Enjoy our Kava knowing that what is in your cup is also in mine.

Paulie Paul