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Kava has been consumed by Pacific Islanders for centuries. At The Kava Roots we strive to honour the history and cultivation of this valuable plant by offering only the Best Noble Kava.  Keep it Mellow with The Kava Roots.  See what the Kavasseur says about our Kava (click here)


"Wonderful Kava! I bought half a pound and it's the Kava, I want to drink each night. Smooth and delicious effects. Relaxing without tiring and mindfully gentle. I feel like this Kava could bring peace on earth. I recommend it to one and all. Thank you!"  Anna A.

"Tongan Family Reserve has a wonderful smooth effect, and is long-lasting. I am usually mellow for at least a few hours afterwards. I get a beautiful euphoric feeling, slightly floating and happy. The taste is good and goes down easily. It is my number one favorite kava. I highly recommend it." John B.

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