Kava Do's and Dont's


Kava Do's and Dont's

Kava Do’s and Dont’s

Important Note

We would like to state by saying that the below list is in no way the definitive list of rules concerning kava. It has not been evaluated by the FDA or any health organization. It is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent disease or illness. Before starting any supplement we advise checking with a medical doctor. Any herbal supplements may produce physiologic effects. In addition there may be drug interactions or pre existing conditions that may interfere with efficacy.

1/. Always buy your Kava from a reputable Vendor. Check reviews out online and do your research. Some of the kava sold on Amazon for example can be unreliable and inconsistent. It is always better to work with a company that you trust and have history and passion for what they produce and sell.  

A note to our Australian customers, Cameron at the Australia Kava Shop has been working in the Kava business for years, his passion shows in the quality for the product and forging a deep respectful relationship with Kava farmers in the South Pacific.


2/. We recommend that you drink your Kava on an almost empty stomach. It is not essential but if you wish to enjoy the full effects of the kava you have purchased it is recommended. We do suggest a slight fruity snack beforehand if you are a beginner to offset any first time nausea.

3/. We do recommend a light fatty snack between shells to activate the kavalactones and offset the taste which is definitely acquired as you become more of a regular drinker. We like nuts, candy, chocolate and mango.

4/. Kava and alcohol are not recommended. Is it going to kill you ?  Likely not but however there is scientifically backed information that suggests it is not recommended to combine them. As discussed commercial extracts often carry ethanol in their solvent bases and in the past this may have been a cause for liver issues. Whereas studies conducted  with pure kava (no Alcohol) have shown no evidence of liver toxicity.


5/.  We do not recommend you drink kava and driving.  Although recent studies have shown that 180 mg of kavalactones does not impair driving ability. Although larger recreational doses of kava on driving ability should need to be conducted.


6/.  Kava and pregnancy is another no from us. Unfortunately not enough is known about kava’s safety on the unborn child and mother for us to recommend it.


7/. If you feel dizzy or nauseous we recommend that you take this as a sign to stop drinking for a while. You have likely had enough.


8/.  If you have any pre existing condition such as Parkinsons disease, Liver issues, or are taking any other substances that depress mental function such as an anti anxiety or antipsychotic or anything you think may be of concern it is always recommended that you speak to your doctor or health professional for more information and advice.