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Don't believe us when we say our Kava is of the highest quality. Believe our loyal drinkers. The reviews speak for themselves. Many of our customers return again and again. The Kava Roots is proud and grateful for all the positive feedback our Kava gains. Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are always on the hunt for a new Kava that meets our high standards and will keep you posted when a new amazing brew becomes available


Tongan Family Reserve Testimonals - The Kavassuer

Hello ladies and gentlemen we're here coming at you from lovely springtime Baltimore Maryland with another awesome Kava review for everybody today.

I'm going to be dipping into a new bag of This is the Tongan Family Reserve. Can't believe it. So excited for this stuff. I think if you follow my blog you'll know that these guys made the best or released the best Kava last year they made the best Kava because it would have been planted four or five years ago. But these guys are absolutely epic at being artisanal kava vendors finders. They have the best Kava in my opinion on the market. Very limited batches sometimes very hard to get you know, a little bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

That is immaculate Kava so immaculate.

These guys have something up their sleve because this stuff just tastes absolutely gorgeous wow. What a wonderful Kava.


Oh wow.

In fact I'm going to keep this going without you my normal five or 10 minutes we.

Oh my God.

So the first time in a long time is this is really difficult to put into words but for the first time in a long time if I had a Kava that truly kind of embodies the word medicinal and in a positive way not that it is not really used in a negative way. But this Tongan Family Reserve from TheKavaRootsI gives you just weaves waves of pleasure, of euphoria of complete total just unashamed relaxation. I mean this is what first drew me into Kava is that the kind of effect where like your problems literally take a backseat. All the things that you normally have to think about in your day to day life. Did that hurt you. Take a back seat and the things that make you feel good. Itt's just absolutely fantastic. I would recommend this Kava to anyone at any time who has any kind of issue or any kind of non issue. I would love to socialize with this Kava, I'd love to be sitting around talking to other Kava drinkers with this it's just absolutely fabulous.

And I'm going to say this with all honesty.

This is the best Kava I've ever had. In my life better than fresh Kava. Just simply the best Kava I've ever had hands down. Ten shells out of 10. I don't know that Kava can actually get better than this and if it can and God help us if it can get better than this then God help us.

And thank you Paulie Paul from TheKavaRoots for putting such a marvelous just mind reading spirit sharpening Kava Root drink on the market for us to be able to enjoy because wow, I don't know if I just needed it or not needed it at this point in my life or if I just I can't put it into words. This is the best Kava I've ever had and I I'm going to stay home tonight and sit down and read the New Yorker or watch a movie or something and just take a lot of deep breaths and drink a lot more shells. But I'm telling you I only used like three tablespoons two to make three or four smaller shells smaller shells and it's powerful.

This stuff is really powerful so I'll let you know pace yourself, it creeps Epic epic epic shell of Kava and a nice surprisingly strong numbing sensation on my lips just an absolute grand slam on the flavor front here with his Tongan Family Reserve.


About 40 minutes into now and this stuff is still like building up. So I'm going to wait and see where it goes. The game's on folks and the Game Is On. Bula when have our annual Kava awards unless something miraculous happens this is the one to beat. You never know this is gonna be it.

This is gonna be the MVP.

All right all right all right that's enough. Love you guys.

Bula  unbelievable.!

(Transcribed from You Tube)